Day One of the solution was, as you might expect, quiet.

In fact, if the stats weren't available to indicate just how much Justin Verlander has struggled in his last two starts, (7.2 innings, 12 hits, 11 earned runs, and seven walks), you might have thought there was nothing from which to bounce back.

As far as manager Jim Leyland is concerned, anyway.

Not one to sound a premature alarm, Leyland by Friday had long since moved on from the fact that Verlander encountered the single worst inning of his career — the seven-run third — in Thursday night's 10-4 loss to the Texas Rangers.

It's in character for Leyland to move on, though. Plus his regard for Verlander is so deservedly high that he wasn't going to drag his ace or himself through another day of mulling over what went wrong.

"I'm not really worried about him at all," Leyland said. "This guy is a great pitcher. Let's not forget he had a one-something ERA (1.93, to be exact) going into the game."

Leyland, in other words, trusts that Verlander will get back to being the dominant pitcher he usually is, and that it won't take long.

If Verlander weren't healthy, if his arm didn't feel right, that would be another matter. But he's said more than once that he's fine — which is all Leyland needs to hear to trust that he won't continue to struggle.

"All I worry about with any of my pitchers is health," said Leyland.

Verlander didn't throw on the day after a start, but he'll get back to work today in the bullpen. That's where he insists he'll find the reason he's had insufficient command of his fastball.

"He's not been through anything like this for a long time," pitching coach Jeff Jones said, "but he's as good a competitor as there is in the game. I'm confident everything will work out fine.