One more week of persistence.

Or as manager Jim Leyland called it Sunday, "browbeating."

On the bus to Tigers' game against the New York Mets, Leyland taped a radio interview with ESPN's Mike Lupica.

There was a question about last year, also a question about this year. There also was a question about Leyland's future.

And, sure enough, there was one about Bruce Rondon.

From a national viewpoint, the question is a natural.

From a manager's viewpoint, ugh, one more week.

Leyland can't wait to get the Rondon-role issue behind him. And a week from Monday, it will be — because a week from Monday, the Tigers open the season against the Minnesota Twins at Target Field.

Rondon will either have made the team as the closer, their occasional closer — or he won't have made the team at all.

But the question Leyland knew he'd be asked a lot has become non-stop in the final days of spring training — so much so that when he was asked before the game Sunday if it's been the most persistent line of questioning he's ever experienced in spring training, he answered as if it were one more probe into how the situation will turn out.

"Sometimes people get hung up on something," said Leyland, "and they're relentless about it until they think they're going to get an answer.

"They're not going to get an answer until I have an answer, but they've been browbeating me every day for I don't know how many days."

To his credit, Leyland has handled it well

From The Detroit News: