The time that was running out on Victor Martinez has run out.

He definitely won't play for the Tigers this season — or in the postseason if they get there. The Tigers made that announcement on Friday.

His left leg where he suffered a torn ACL simply isn't strong enough.

"If he tried," trainer Kevin Rand said, "he would look like a player who is limping. It's not worth the risk."

The hope that Martinez would return began to diminish at the end of July when tests indicated that the Tigers' designated hitter wasn't ready to begin what Rand called "a running progression."

Such a progression was essential as a test that Martinez had to pass if he was going to play at all.

"He did everything he could to give himself a shot," Rand said. "He's been at it every day since January.

"But the strength just isn't there."

The plan is to back Martinez off his therapy at this point, give him some time away from the rigors of trying to get back, and begin to focus on next year. He'll be 34 on Dec. 23.

Rand said that, with spring training in mind", Martinez will begin running "a month earlier than he normally would have this winter."

That means he'll begin the progression in November.