Like online dating, be careful about Grapefruit League baseball.

Go easy on the ardor. Take time to know your partner. Beneath the smoothness and the seduction there can be surprises that will make you rue the day you ever fell for this creep.

Ah, but the Tigers camp could afford to dream Friday at Champion Stadium, where Detroit beat Atlanta, 2-1, in an amazingly neat and revealing spring-camp opener.

Everything clicked: Rick Porcello pitched brilliantly and has rarely had a better trio of pitches than he featured Friday with his fastball combination, slider, and change-up. Luke Putkonen, who bears watching as the Tigers hunt for a long reliever and rotation depth, had a potent two-inning stint.

And then there were the kids. The outfielders. The guys a team from Detroit seems always to draft and develop, even if it can't quite say the same about infielders it tends to acquire only by way of trades, free-agent deals, and Salvation Army bins.

Jim Leyland was already in nice spirits as the Tigers manager surveyed his outfield ahead of today's spring debut.