Matt Tuiasosopo was a big believer that he could make the Tigers when he signed as a free agent in late November.

Tuiasosopo made the Tigers believers over the past 15 games, hitting .455 with five doubles, four home runs and nine RBIs.

Manager Jim Leyland told Tuiasosopo on Tuesday morning that barring something unforeseen happening, Tuiasosopo will make the 25-man roster.

"I always believed that I could come here and always believed for big things to happen -- that's why I thank God that everything has gone the way that it has gone," Tuiasosopo told reporters before the Tigers played the Braves at Joker Marchant Stadium. "It's been a crazy spring."

Tuiasosopo's wife, Abi, gave birth to their first son, Josiah, early in spring training.

After trying to do too much early in the spring, Tuiasosopo settled down and started launching balls deep.

Leyland said one of Tuiasosopo's home runs was the loudest ball hit this spring.

Tuiasosopo is hitting .327 with six doubles, four home runs and 10 RBIs.

"Nobody knows how this is going to play out," Leyland said. "but if there was ever a guy that came in and opened your eyes up and deserved a shot with the way he's performed and the way he's gone about his business, it's him. I think you reward people like that."

If there's a better right-handed bat available for the Tigers, they had not found him.

"I don't think anybody in here can disagree that this kid deserves a shot," Leyland said. "He's strung the ball. He's hit the ball out of the ballpark. He's hit the ball hard.

"He's played first, he's played third, he's played the outfield pretty well. I think that's a good story myself. Now how it's going to play out, I don't know. He's been told that that's a difficult spot to be in, because you've got to know how to keep yourself ready and fresh."

Leyland said Tuiasosopo will have to work harder during the season than he did in the spring to make the team.

"We were looking for a right-handed hitter," Leyland said. "Did we find him? We don't know for sure, but we think he certainly deserves a chance to show us he can't do it."

Leyland said Tuiasosopo was a unanimous vote by the staff.