Next time you see Jhonny Peralta ... well that’s the problem isn’t it?

With a possible suspension approaching there’s no telling when his next game will be.

He hopes it will be Friday after an off-day.

Because of Peralta’s alleged involvement with the Biogenesis clinic however Major League Baseball officials might have other ideas.

But the time for finding out will soon arrive.

“It’s tough (to think of not being here)” Peralta said. ”I don’t feel nervous but I worry a little bit because I want to play every day.

“I’d love to be here in Detroit with the team.”

Peralta didn’t have the biggest hit Wednesday in the Tigers’ 11-1 thumping of the Washington Nationals at Comerica Park.

He didn’t have the biggest longest most or most productive. He had a double and scored a run but several Tigers chipped in.

Torii Hunter for instance contributed everything but a triple but definitely had a triple in mind when he rounded second in the seventh inning only to put on the brakes and get thrown out on his retreat to second because Alex Avila stopped at third.

Going 4-for-5 with three RBIs served as consolation for Hunter however.

Everything however went right for the Tigers in this game.

Heck it was 10-1 by the end of the fourth which greased the way to Justin Verlander’s 11th victory but just his second in his last five starts and his third in his last 10.

To win three of 10 starts isn’t Verlander-esque but it’s no secret he’s been searching for answers while plodding through a bewildering season.

When the Nationals loaded the bases with no outs in the first against Verlander (11-8) it didn’t look like he’d found any answers. But impressions quickly changed when he got out of it with only one run allowed and began to benefit from the offensive splurges against left-hander Gio Gonzalez (7-4).