The Tigers won’t have him for long — and they probably know it.

Omar Vizquel will be the Tigers’ first-base coach this season —and also their infield coach.

But the 11-time Gold Glove winning shortstop is on his way toward becoming a manager. It might happen in a year; it might happen in two.

It will happen, though.

Vizquel, who retired following the 2012 season (and after 24 years in the majors), is too astute a student of the game for it not to happen. His knowledge of the game is too deep for it not to happen.

And his desire for it to occur also makes it probable.

“That’s the goal,” he said. “When I retired, I said I wanted to manage some day in the big leagues. Last year, I did a little bit of coaching with the Angels, and this year I will be with the Tigers.

“I’m excited about the opportunity. To coach first base is something I haven’t done before.

“Obviously, these are my baby steps to reach the final goal. To be around everyone here will be a great experience for me as a coach, but also to keep working in the direction (of becoming a manager).”