Brennan Boesch was not the forgotten outfielder during the Tigers caravan last week.

He just wasn't remembered very often.

"You can ask me anything," Boesch said. "I'm not ducking any questions."

But neither was he required to answer many.

That's because the 27-year-old hot-and-cold outfielder has become a back-burner player, someone believed to be headed for a secondary role if, that is, he is still with the team when the season begins.

But there's a twist.

"My whole thing is that this organization wants to win and they're going to put the best players out there," Boesch said during the caravan. "So I plan on being a player who's going to be out there."

But where?

Manager Jim Leyland was good enough to include Boesch in the mix for the left field job.

In fact, on a stop in Toledo, he made it sound as if it would be a Boesch-Andy Dirks competition.

But Leyland later said he made a mistake by not including Quintin Berry in his comment.

By last Saturday, there were more names in the hat than it seemed there were a few days earlier.