No offense to Charlie Leesman, probably a pleasant chap, but he’s not Chris Sale.

And no offense to Miguel Cabrera of the first 16 games, but he was not the hitter who will probably show up for the next 145 — which is how many games remain after the Tigers’ 8-6 victory over the White Sox Tuesday night.

What’s that, you left after seven innings when the Tigers led by six?

Here’s what happened at the wire: After the Sox scored a run in the eighth, Phil Coke gave up three runs with two outs in the ninth, two of them on Adam Dunn’s home run on an 0-2 pitch.

It took a save from Joba Chamberlain with the tying run at the plate to close it out.

Chamberlain was up in the bullpen earlier in the inning, and with the roof caving in fast, he was closer to being ready than Joe Nathan.

That’s why the choice was Chamberlain, for whom the save was his first of the year. He walked the first batter he faced, but ended the game on a fly ball to left.

As for Coke’s pitch to Dunn, “he was trying to throw more a cutter-slider thing,” manager Brad Ausmus said.

But back to what looked like the story line for most of the night.

With the talented but unavailable Sale not on the mound for the White Sox, Leesman came up from the minors as Justin Verlander’s counterpart — and with Cabrera having a three-hit game with three RBIs — the Tigers didn’t find themselves in the pitching duel they might otherwise have expected.

“It was enough,” Ausmus said of the run support. “Barely, but it was enough. It didn’t go exactly as planned, but we got through it.”

With five runs in the third, two of them on Cabrera’s second home run of the season, the Tigers took the lead — and with Verlander sharp for seven innings, he gave them time to stretch it, which they did.