Detroit Any time now, hamstring.

Austin Jackson isn’t to the point of conversing with the reason he’s on the disabled list, but he’s wondering when it is going to respond the way he wants.

Any time a player goes beyond his eligible return date from the disabled list, his situation can become a daily question mark.

Jackson’s has.

He’s been on the DL since May 12 with a pulled left hamstring. The Tigers initially were encouraged he would return as soon as he was eligible, that it wouldn’t take more than 15 days for him to heal.

But it has. And he’s not back.

Not only that, but it’s not yet known when he will return.

So go ahead if you want to, Austin, say it: “Any time now, hamstring.”

The Tigers have spun their wheels without their leadoff hitter. Remember that with the hamstring nagging at him, Jackson was 3-for-23 in the five games before he went on the DL.

So if you trace the Tigers record to the beginning of those five games, they are 12-14 since Jackson has either been absent or less than 100 percent.

Not only that, but as of Wednesday, the situation will have been an issue for a month.

The Tigers just hope by then, he’ll be heading for a rehab assignment. But Jackson isn’t to the point of predicting that.

Trying to be cautious and patient at the same time, he isn’t predicting anything. That’s because the hamstring still ranges from feeling better to feeling sore.

For instance, the last time he tested it with a running drill, he said, “I was definitely making progress.”