Do you take Austin Jackson for granted?

Here's a test.

When Jackson ranges to deep center field to make an easy catch, do you:

A) Yawn at the mundane nature of the accomplishment;

B) Try to remember when the last time Jackson dove for a ball and question his work ethic;

C) Compare him to Curtis Granderson; or

D) All of the above.

Without much fanfare, Jackson has become one of the best players in the game. Not just in the field, but at the plate as well.

He's not going to make a bunch of spectacular defensive plays, ranking among the best highlights of the day. He's just going to efficiently calculate where a baseball is going to land and quickly find a way to park under it.

For his 2011 season, Austin Jackson was named the MLB's best center fielder by The Fielding Bible, which comprised a panel of experts using both scouting and metrics. They report he made 63 plays more than an average center fielder during 2010-11.