In an interview with CNN's Carol Costello on Tuesday, Tigers ace Justin Verlander said he would "absolutely" accept an openly gay player on his team.

"I wouldn't mind it," Verlander added.

There are no openly gay players in any of the "Big Four" American sports leagues: Major League Baseball, the NBA, NHL or NFL.

"I'm sure there are," Verlander said when asked if there are currently gay MLB players. "I think as with any sport, a gay player would be hesitant to come out, but the sheer number says there absolutely is."

On the possibility of a player coming out in the near future: "Yeah, I don't see why not, given the right situation, and a team that's a family atmosphere, and I feel like we have that atmosphere here. I don't think one of our players would be scared to come out. We got 25 guys, it's a family, and our goal is to win a World Series. What your sexual orientation is, I don't see how that affects the ultimate goal of our family.

Verlander also discussed his golf game during the interview, said again he would love to be the first $200 million pitcher -- "I'm not going to take back what I said at all" -- and also said he wouldn't necessarily go to the highest bidder come contract time.