Okay, so admittedly things aren't looking too spicy with the Thunder now facing the Orlando Magic, a team that's won 4 games in the past two months. They gave away one of their prime scorers, J.J. Redick, at the trade deadline, and Glen Davis is out with a fractured left foot. This leaves the Magic with Aaron Affalo and Jameer Nelson, two players who could (and have) started for playoff teams. But the rest of the roster is pretty much a combination of has-beens, prospects, and nobodies.

Somehow, they get it together though, and they so run a consistent strategy. They're a athletic team that can shoot, so they love to rotate the ball around the perimeter and are generally good at passing the ball. They also run a fast pace, taking the 8th most shot attempts per game and sitting 9th in the league in defensive rebounds. The positives of their craft end there though. The team doesn't have a real offensive difference maker, so they have to rely on a committee of role players to carry the scoring load. In theory, it means that they have a lot of options, but in reality, it means that they suffer from horrible inconsistency. They also struggle to get any sort of production from three or the free throw line, especially with Redick gone and Davis out.