As if the Charlotte Bobcats didn’t already have enough challenges, now coach Mike Dunlap has to practice triage with point guard Kemba Walker’s minutes.

This is the after-effect of backup Ramon Sessions’ sprained knee, which could keep him out a month. Friday against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Dunlap sat down Walker in the third quarter and never brought him back for the fourth quarter of a 116-94 loss.

With a road game Saturday in Washington, playing Walker any more than the 31 he logged would have been counter-productive. For now they’re getting by with shooting guard Reggie Williams as the backup point.

Not that “getting by” describes the 13-49 Bobcats. This was their ninth loss in a row and six of those were by 20 or more points. This one fell apart at the outset of the second quarter, when the Bobcats missed their first 10 shots.

They led by a point at the end of the first. They trailed by 19 six minutes into the second.

“In the second quarter, I looked up and it was 18; I didn’t even know how they got there,” said Bobcats shooting guard Gerald Henderson, who scored 21 points.