The Rockets finally ran out of comebacks. They had taken the Oklahoma City Thunder as far as they could, farther than seemed possible when the series began, and could go no farther.

The Rockets had one last burst in them, opening a 10-point third quarter lead. And with that, they were done. The Thunder rolled through the rest of the second half with the Rockets no longer able to muster the offense to keep pace. As the Rockets misfired, the Thunder pulled steadily away, finishing a 103-94 win Friday and finishing off the Rockets, 4-2, in their first-round series.

The loss ended the Rockets season in the first round for the eighth time in nine playoff seasons, but this one had the feel of the start of something rather than the end, with the Rockets finding a way to challenge the West’s top seed even after falling to a 3-0 hole after consecutive three-point losses.

The end came almost as soon as the Rockets had their run. In between the Rockets 12-0 surge to their largest second half lead and James Harden 3-pointer with three minutes left, the Rockets made 4 of 21 shots as the Thunder took a 15-point lead.

James Harden led the Rockets with 26 points and seven assists and Chandler Parsons added 25 points, Omer Asik 13 points and 13 rebounds. Kevin Durant led the Thunder with 27 points, but unlike Game 5, he got plenty of help.