One week remains in what has been an eventful NBA season. While things are fairly settled in the East—it’s the Heat and everybody else—out West, interesting story lines persist. So that’s where we turn for this week’s edition of Throwin’ Elbows:

Of all the assets that the Grizzlies will bring into the postseason this year, perhaps the most overlooked is the guy who was once among the most maligned players on the roster—point guard Mike Conley. Back in 2010, when Conley signed a five-year, $45 million contract extension with the Grizzlies, the deal was roundly bashed, with one writer labeling it, “the single worst contract handed out in 2010.”

But, ah, how the tables have turned. Not only has Conley proven to be a solid starting point guard, his game has taken off considerably in recent months, as the revamped, Rudy Gay-free Grizzlies have turned to him for more scoring, and he has come through. Conley’s overall numbers have been vey good this year, as he is averaging a career high of 14.8 points.

It is in the last two months, though, that Conley has begun to break through as a scorer. He has had a five-game run of 20-point performances, and since March 1, he is averaging 18.6 points on 48.5 percent shooting. Conley is shooting a career-high 11.8 shots per game, as well as career highs in 3-point attempts (3.7) and free-throws (3.5). That’s not a problem for the Grizzlies—Conley has had 25 games in which he has scored 18 points or more, and the Grizzlies went 20-5.

Conley is 25, and if there are causes behind the view that his contract was so bad, much of it stemmed from a lack of confidence in himself and on that part of the organization. Conley’s early NBA career was marked by splitting time with Kyle Lowry, and on a team which featured Gay and O.J. Mayo on the wings, he was well down on the offensive food chain.