Eric Gordon's health will presumably hang over the New Orleans Hornets for the foreseeable future, a sort of modern era, vaguely French, sword of Damocles. You'd do well to keep those fingers firmly crossed.

The optimist, though, will be rather pleased with the events of the past month.

In the 11 games Gordon has started, New Orleans has posted a +2.64 efficiency differential. On the season, that would be a contender for a top-10 mark. In their 33 other games without Gordon starting, the Hornets have posted a -6.48 efficiency differential. That's a massive, massive difference that has ultimately been contributed to by a host of other factors, but Gordon's impact on the lineup has been unmistakable.

As Monty Williams said in December, Gordon's ability to put his teammates in more natural, comfortable positions on both offense and defense has transcended his individual statistical impact. And this is an especially important statement when you consider that Gordon hasn't been amazingly efficient -- or anywhere close to it -- offensively.