When a team or player is doing well in March, fans and analysts tend to remind you that spring training stats are meaningless, which they are to a certain degree.

But when a player is struggling in the spring, the same adage isn't used quite as much. If Domonic Brown were hitting .150 instead of .350, you’d be hearing about his struggles, the length of his swing, his inability to seize an opportunity in a wide-open Phillies outfield.

So let’s take a moment to recognize the good the way we’d recognize the bad. The Phillies are hitting very well in Florida through 10 games, which is more meaningful this spring than it would be in other years because of how many question marks they have heading into the season.

The Phils lead the Grapefruit League in home runs, with 14. They also lead the state of Florida in extra-base hits, with 38. The only teams that have more homers or XBH are in the Cactus League out in Arizona.

Against righthanded pitching, the Phils have hit .277/.331/.496. Against lefties they’ve hit .231 with a .723 OPS.

Oddly enough, the Phils’ three best performers against southpaws are Ryan Howard, Chase Utley and Brown, three lefties. That trio has combined to go 10-for-22 with three doubles, two homers, four walks and six strikeouts against same-handed pitchers. Howard, himself, is 5 for 9 with two doubles and a bomb.