The Baseball America Top 100 prospects came out yesterday, and four Yankees, all position players, made the list. This is quite a switch from the recent past, when the Yankees' top prospects seemed to be all pitchers and catchers. The 2011 Yankees top 10 was three catchers, an outfielder, a third baseman, and five pitchers. The 2010 list was four catchers, an outfielder, and six pitchers. The 2007 list was two outfielders and eight pitchers. This year there is more of a mix, with three outfielders, a catcher, and second baseman, and five pitchers.

Still, the Yankees have a bit of a gap between needs and ready prospects. Were an outfielder to be injured at some point during 2013, chances are that none of the promising trio of Slade Heathcott, Mason Williams, or Tyler Austin will be ready to make the leap to the bigs. Nor are there ready replacements for Mark Teixeira or Kevin Youkilis or even Travis Hafner. (You can count Dan Johnson if you like; he's not without possibilities. Still, there's a reason he is where he is.)