Shawn Thornton takes his duties as an enforcer for the Boston Bruins very seriously, so Thursday's anticipated tilt against the bigger, tougher Buffalo Sabres was no different.

It was assumed that No. 22 would be addressing things with new Buffalo tough guy John Scott after the 6-foot-8, 260-pound Scott had voiced a desire to stop the bullying act that the Black and Gold had been pulling on the Sabres over the last couple of years.

So Thornton and Scott had a few words during the pre-game warm-up on the TD Garden ice and then dropped the gloves as soon as they were on the ice together for a face-off on their respective first shifts.

The 6-foot-2, 217-pound Thornton attempted to grab the monstrous Scott by the sweater and grapple with him in tight quarters as he did when facing Derek Boogaard several years ago, but Scott clocked Thornton in the head and face with a series of overhand right punches before the B's tough guy finally dropped to the ice. Thornton looked wobbly on his legs as he headed to the penalty box afterward.

The Sabres behemoth said he was trying to send a message to a Bruins team that tormented his club last season, and his night's work was essentially over totaling only 4:28 of ice time for the game.

"Going into this game there was a lot of hype around what happened last [year]," said Scott, referencing the Lucic/Miller collision. "So I kind of just wanted to set the tone and say, 'Okay we're here to play.' It happened out that I came out on the fight.