Tim Thomas made two starts last night, opening up against the Leafs in what turned into a 5-2 loss. He was given the hook midway through the second after giving up two quick goals and falling to a 4-1 deficit, then resumed his post for the start of the third period.

The two starts only added up to one loss, but they also triggered a slight controversy, with commentators on the CBC telecast in Canada suggesting Thomas returned because Tuukka Rask, his relief man in the second, chewed out his teammates when he was screened on Keith Aulie's shot that made it 5-1 with 2:37 left in the second.

"No, no,'' Rask said when asked if he was hard on his teammates and if that led to getting pulled after the second period. "You never want to give up goals, right? On that [shot], the defense [Dennis Seidenberg] screened me, I never got to see it.''