There's a reason the Winnipeg Jets surge up to .500 and then revert into a bad hockey team. It's a lack of leadership.

This isn't an indictment of Andrew Ladd. He's a very capable player and a solid captain. But he can't drive the Jets alone and it's clear he's not getting the support he needs from the rest of the players on the team.

Leadership must come from every corner of the room. From the young to the veteran. The Jets must make themselves accountable to one another and until they do, they'll never amount to anything.

Tuesday's 4-1 loss to the Florida Panthers saw the Jets come out flat and never muster a response. There was no internal drive from the players in the locker-room to change their performance. They wilted. They played soft. They did none of the things professionals do when they're on the clock.

"If I'm sitting there as a player, and I've been a player, at the end of that game it has to be disturbing. But not only at the end of the game -- what about after the first period?" said Noel Wednesday morning. "I was a captain or an assistant captain pretty much my whole career and I would have had a hard time measuring up after that game or after 20 minutes and saying very little or not be smoking if I was a player."

One might ask the question why didn't Noel get his players' attention and force a change mid-game? Or why didn't he have them breathing fire to start the game?

Talk to players around the NHL or in any pro sport and they'll tell you they alone determine the amount of effort they expend. Rah-rah speeches are for high school and the movies. Millionaires don't shake as easily.