This is the NFL of Peyton Manning and Colin Kaepernick and the zone read and that means offense. This is the evolving NFL that would prefer defensive players serve mostly as helpless henchmen tossed to the side by heroic offensive stars.

This is the NFL in which the Chiefs are trying to win with defense.

“We know the situation” safety Eric Berry says. “We know what’s going on.”

The Chiefs are zigging when the rest of the league is zagging basically. League trends and rules are pushing more focus and importance on offense every day and it is in this world that the Chiefs are making their way with defense.

The New Chiefs in other words are trying to win like The Old Chiefs and didn’t this feel a bit like the 1990s?

The Chiefs beat the Cowboys 17-16 on Sunday in perfect nostalgia. The biggest crowd at Arrowhead in years made the ground shake. Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo looked lost at times like he was constantly against the wind and going uphill which is how it always feels here for quarterbacks when Arrowhead is rocking and the Chiefs are attacking.

“I know that feeling” Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith says.

He does too. Smith played here twice with the 49ers. Both times the Chiefs had playoff teams. Both times the Chiefs were built primarily on defense. Neither time Smith had much of a chance his teams losing by a combined 62 points.

That’s what can happen in this building especially when the Chiefs are playing defense and so far this year the Chiefs are playing defense as well as most any team in the NFL. The defense has given up one touchdown and 16 points in eight quarters now and even if you discount what happened in the season opener because of the Jaguars’ incompetence you saw enough to know this will be one of the league’s better defenses all season.