As you are no doubt painfully aware, the Yankees and Alex Rodriguez are at a crossroads. Will the Yanks have their third baseman in 2014, or will he be suspended for his alleged role in the Biogenesis scandal? Has the investigation into said scandal irreparably harmed the relationship between player and team? (He's suing them, you know.) All of that remains to be seen. What is certain is that the emails reportedly unearthed by New York magazine's Steve Fishman in course of writing his story, "Chasing A-Rod," if legit, provide an exceptional peek behind the pinstriped curtain.

The emails, according to Fishman, are between A-Rod himself and Yankees president Randy Levine. We have no way of verifying whether these emails are authentic, but they're being reported as such.

First, in July and August of 2012, Levine supposedly writes to the injured A-Rod about Robinson Cano's struggles since A-Rod got hurt. Levine is surely joking, but, well, fathom for yourself ...

Levine: How r u feeing since u left Robby [Cano] under 200, he needs some steroids fast!


Levine: Hey, what's up with Robby. This guy must not be using the liquid. U didn't tell me what did Chris and Steve say your ETA is. Don't rush it unless u r right. We need you. Nova looks like he may need a breather. What do u see.


Moving on to December of that year, as A-Rod is readying himself for hip surgery ...

Levine: Pictures of party at your house circulating all around tonight … Guys in rehab don't do this. This is not the sedate, small party you […] said. You need to focus on getting better.

Rodriguez: Been prehabbing every day. Pete [Draovitch, a trainer] arrives in Miami tomorrow. Is nice to disconnect a bit in the off season. But I understand your point. Really looking forward to getting mended.

Levine: Just looking out for you.

Just looking out for you!

Things turn sour on the Biogenesis front not long after A-Rod's surgery ...

Rodriguez: Randy, […] As you can imagine, I'm feeling left out, I can't be with the team at spring training and this leaves an empty hole in my life. And on top of that I'm dealing with the backlash of all these ugly rumors and false stories. […] Of course I am very concerned about these rumors and about what the team is doing and saying about me. … People have been telling me that you have an 8% bounty on my contract.[…] Maybe all of this is coming from my cousin […], who knows. He claims he met with the Yankees and that you are after me and it has me concerned. I hope this [e-mail] is the start of us clearing the air between us. I don't want us to be enemies. I am loyal to the team. I only want the best for the Yankees organization. But I do need reassurance from you and I need to know what is going on. It is bad business for everyone.

Levine: First off, neither I nor anyone at Yankees every met with your cousin. This is being handled by MLB and we r allowing them to do their job. There is no bounty on you. We have no idea who MLB is meeting with or what course their investigation is taking. It is entirely in their hands. We r not talking to the media on this issue, we have said this is being handled by MLB, and we will have no comment until the investigation is over. That's it. There is nothing else going on. I wish u health and a good rehab.

And then they crater in August of this year ...

Rodriguez: Can u please stop!! I want to play baseball and I could make a big difference to the game. Steinbrenner would roll in his grave IF he knew what was happening! Stop, Randy, this isn't going to be good for any of us!! You are a businessman and what you are doing is ruining the business of baseball. If u want to meet in person to discuss it, let's do it!