The most pitch-perfect moment of Office Space's satire of American corporate life has to be the protagonist Peter's meeting with the consultants auditing the company. At this point in the movie, Peter has stopped coming into work, but drops in one day just long enough to explain to the consultants — in very calm and rational terms — exactly how useless he is to the company and how poorly mismanaged he is. This meeting leads the consultants to famously deem Peter "a straight-shooter with upper-management written all over him," to the shock of Peter's boss, who hasn't seen Peter clock in for several weeks.
The scene, besides being hilarious, does much to win the audience on Peter's side, as it's nice to see someone rewarded for speaking truth to power. In fact, it's pretty easy to sincerely believe some justice is being done and Peter deserves the job. It's easy to forget the premise of the joke: Peter's finally getting rewarded, but for obstinately refusing to show up for work.