Shin-Soo Choo won't play for South Korea in the World Baseball Classic in March.

That would qualify as a subtle message that 2013 is all about maximizing his value in free agency -- if agent Scott Boras hadn't already banged pots and pans, and shouted those intentions through a bullhorn.

Agents often steer their clients into free agency and away from smaller markets. Nothing new there. Few have broadcast what's about to happen next as clearly as Boras did on Choo's behalf when he self-servingly [if accurately] called out Indians' ownership.

"Choo's let it be known that he has a desire to win," Boras told "I think the ownership in Cleveland, foundationally, they're going to have to illustrate some dynamics with new revenues and where they stand about what they do to show their fan base and their players who they are in competing."

Boras said that would be a "new calling" for an ownership that hasn't made its intentions clear.

OK. Boras and Choo want to be paid much more than the Indians are offering. As for the talk of Choo's desire to win, Boras hasn't often equated winning with anything other than a suitor's willingness to spend lots of cash.

Despite Boras' agent-speak, that sound you hear is a single clap growing into a standing ovation by Indians fans who couldn't agree more about the Dolans. What exactly are the Indians' intentions? Did they hire Terry Francona to chase a World Series in the remaining time they have with Choo, Asdrubal Cabrera, Chris Perez and Ubaldo Jimenez? (Let's throw Jimenez in there, not based on his value but because the front office used his acquisition to declare a two-year window open on contention.)