You noticed, of course, that the newly anointed second most powerful man at Valley Ranch made a rare public appearance last week.

It was Tony Time again. And there’s nothing in the NFL, and probably nothing in professional sports, like this particular Tony timeline.

Five months ago, in the wee hours of New Year’s Eve, Mr. Romo was answering questions in the stadium bowels at Landover, Md., attempting to explain one of the most what-the-heck-was-that disasters of his Dallas Cowboys career.

When Tony surfaced again last week, as the Cowboys were opening off-season workouts, he was attempting to downplay one of the most what-the-heck-was-that divine moments of anybody’s jock life.

From horse spit to The Horse.

That’s Tony Time, and the Tony timeline, for you.

For a quarterback with such a meager bottom line when it comes to winning time, it’s the most remarkable story in the NFL.

Romo is now more powerful at Valley Ranch than anyone except Jerry.

Stephen? Move over a chair.

Jason? You’ve officially been demoted to the front row.

It’s the Jerry and Tony Show, with Romo already involved last month in drafting, plus, according to Jerry, he now has a strong say in game planning, play calling and, I guess, who gets to clean Jerry’s eyewear.

When Mr. Jones gave Romo that new $108 million contract a month ago, he signed up both a quarterback and a love child.

And while some in the local media are in disagreement, I thought Romo had exactly the right approach during his rare interview session last week.

Tony either talked in circles or downplayed his new muscle, while totally dodging the obvious question: Did he go to Jerry demanding more authority?

The criticism was Romo didn’t step up and admit his new leadership role.

We already know the bus is coming right at Jason Garrett, but the dumbest thing Romo could have done last week was give the head coach a push in the you-know-what direction.