The ‘European Derrick Rose’. That’s what the scouts have been calling Nemanja Nedovic . But Nedovic himself has said that the Rose comparison is unrealistic. Derrick Rose couldn’t have more bounce in his step if he was on the moon, so to compare other players to him is unfair to both parties.

However, Nedovic’s style of play is essentially attack the rim with no regard for his body. He takes bumps, finishes with big men in his face and occasionally throws down a dunk on a seven footer’s head. This is the type of toughness the Golden State Warriors will need in 2013-14 because they will be losing their two best bench players in Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry.

While the Warriors will still have Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson come off the bench, one of the most essential positions on any NBA team is the backup point guard. Especially when the Warriors star point guard, Stephen Curry, has been known to go down for extended stretches. Jack not only took key shots and make huge buckets late in games, but he also was able to play alongside Curry and create for him, allowing him to spot-up and rain down three-pointers.