Let's play the old "Pitcher X" game. Below, are the lines for two relief pitchers over the past three seasons, both of whom have spent two of those as major-league closers, and were also inked by their clubs through 2014 in the past 24 hours.

X has more saves, but in terms of how opposing hitters have done, it's virtually identical. Y has better periphs, with a K:BB rate of more than 5:1; X is below three. That's why Y comes out significantly ahead in terms of FIP and xFIP, and thus Fangraphs' WAR. But, really, both are very good: if you had to choose between the two of them, you might almost have to flip a coin. Or, rather, about fourteen and half million of them. Because, courtesy of the contracts they just signed, X (Rafael Soriano, now of the Nationals, in case you hadn't guessed) will be paid $28 million over 2013-2014, while Y (who comes out at Chase to the tune of Thunderstruck), gets $13.5 million for the same time.