A lot of the time, Al-Farouq Aminu's still a wild, flying, tangled scramble of legs and hands and arms, outwardly still the 20 year old rookie without a position. He drops passes that hit him in the hands, dribbles fast breaks away off his shoes, and fouls jump shooters occasionally. He's still the most enigmatic Hornet. (There's an almost alarming consistency to Robin Lopez's boom and bust performance).

But the haphazard nature of Aminu's game belies the surges of focus and direction that have grown ever more frequent. In many ways, the ambient noise that's simply inherent to his game has done a good job of masking steady growth across the board.

The early season questioning of whether New Orleans had erred in declining Aminu's summer option proved premature. But we're right on the cusp of justifiably re-exploring what the Hornets should do with him over the summer.

Where's he improved? Let us count the ways.