If you can’t figure out after 30 games who the Trail Blazers are, you are not alone.

The Blazers are wondering themselves.

“We are a team trying to find our way,’’ Damian Lillard said.

They are a team that struggles at home, and has found ways to win on the road, all while never clicking, seemingly taking one step forward, two steps back, then another step forward, leaving them with a 16-14 record.

One week, they are coming back from 17 down to win at Washington, offering a signature moment on a 4-1 trip. Then the next week, they are losing all four home games, three of them with massive deficits and the other after losing a 14-point fourth quarter lead.

And now, they return home after a murky 3-2 trip, which included three less-than-impressive wins over struggling teams, and a heart break loss at Minnesota after losing a 10-point fourth quarter lead.

It has created a rather confounding question: What are the Blazers?

“We know are a playoff team but you know, are we home court advantage in the first round team? Or are we going against Golden State in the first round? That’s a big difference,’’ Ed Davis said.