We are now at the quarter pole of the 2013 season, and the Oilers aren't definitely on the outside of the playoff picture, which makes this their most successful year in a while! We've suffered through some awful hockey in these last several seasons, and have been promised a bright future. Well, the Copper and Blue panel has convened once again to gauge the brightness of that future by taking stock of each and every player in the organization under twenty-five years old. As the Copper and Blue grows, the panel grows right alongside. This time around, we've added Michael Parkatti, to the eight holdovers: Alan Hull, Benjamin Massey, Bruce McCurdy, Derek Blasutti, Derek Zona, Jonathan Willis, Ryan Batty, and myself.

Many of you are already familiar with the Top 25 Under 25, so you'll know that there will be a detailed profile on each player ranked inside the top 25 coming soon. But before we get to those, we'll need to whittle our list of 42 players down to 25. Over the next three days, I'll introduce you to a bunch of players who, for whatever reason, just didn't make the cut plus one each day who did. Your job, of course, is to determine which guy made the cut.