Like many of you, I recently read a Chris Sheridan piece in which he asserted the Spurs are the front-runners to trade for Al Jefferson. I think Sheridan is a fine NBA scribe and I don't doubt he is well connected but this rumor makes so little sense to me, I can't help but feel it was pedaled by an interested party--either Jefferson's people or the Jazz's front office--to increase interest in him. The Spurs carry a certain aura of respectability and it would benefit Big Al and the Jazz if PATFO was interested in Utah's big man.

There are a number of reasons to doubt this will ever happen, some more subtle than others. But I'll start with the first thing that came to my mind: after trying once without success, why would the Spurs trade for another Jefferson that doesn't fit?

Al Jefferson is a high-usage, medium efficiency player that thrives in particular offensive sets and hasn't shown that he has the versatility to adjust. He's a mediocre to bad defensive player that will need to somehow improve by leaps and bounds to really make a difference. If that doesn't sound a lot like the 2009 Richard Jefferson trade to you, you probably think this potential acquisition would be awesome.

RJ was far from an awful player during his stint with the Spurs, but he was definitely not the piece to put San Antonio over the hump. He got the benefit of the doubt early on because he had never been in an environment where he could tap his full potential, especially on defense, and was considered exactly the type of player the Spurs needed.