Doug Collins' little outburst last night was the cherry on top of a turd sundae that we've been picking at for months now. But there is no cookie dough on the bottom of this sundae. Just more turds. Mathematically, the Sixers are still alive, sure. But so are the 2013 Astros, who could take 3 of 4 from the Sixers right now at any sport.

The season is over.

Bynum, no Bynum. Kwam Kwam. No Kwam Kwam. It doesn't matter anymore. The 2012-2013 campaign ended with a loss to Orlando. A resounding thud. The Sixers won't back into the postseason this year. Andre Miller and Joe Smith aren't walking through that door. They won't be riding a wave of torn ACLs deep into the second round. And while the Magic game earned my official and unconditional surrender, the warning signs were there long before.