Curtis Granderson hits a lot of home runs, but he also strikes out a lot. He can play center field, but so can Brett Gardner. He's a valuable player for the time being, but he's a year away from free agency. His current contract is affordable, but he's likely to generate huge money on the open market.

For every reason to keep Granderson, there seems to at least one reason to trade him, and given the Yankees financial desires going forward, there's a lot of logic to the idea of getting something of value for him right now rather than lose him for nothing more than a draft pick next winter.

Here's the problem: What are the Yankees going to get in return?

Two things to consider:

1. One year of Granderson is valuable only to a team that thinks it can contend this season.

2. Losing Granderson would require that the Yankees replace his offensive value in the short-term.

That makes a good match hard to find.