Edwin Encarnacion is one of those guys that always has drawn strong opinions around here. This year, Edwin was easily our MVP and should get some AL MVP votes. I've always liked him, but I didn't figure we'd see this sort of season from the guy.

It was nice that the team brought him into spring training with telling he'd be 1B/DH and then didn't change their minds at the end of spring. We all do better with a little consistency in our lives. I asked Dwayne Murphy what the difference was between Edwin this year and the past and he said:

He's a better hitter. You learn each year. I really thought, when we first got him, basically everything was to oppo field, trying to hit the other way. He kind of turned the field around on him. We tried to teach him how to go to the middle of the field instead of oppo field. Now the barrel's getting there, and I just think it took a little over a year for him to learn, to learn to hit. And he knows how to get the barrel out there on the ball.