The 76ers are going for 3 wins in a row, something they haven't done since November.

If they win, it would be 4 of their last 5, something they haven't accomplished all season.

That being said, the story of the night will be Nikola Vucevic, returning to the Wells Fargo Center for the first time since being traded to Orlando as part of the trade that brought Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia.

Much has been written about the production of Nikola Vucevic, and we've countered (not once, but twice) that Vucevic, for all his rebounding glory, has some very big deficiencies.

While the deficiencies are still there, even his efficiency has been improving drastically. He shot 56.9% from the field in January and so far hos shot 57.1% from the field in February. The scary thing? His 54.2% true shooting percentage would be tops among our regulars, and his 0.128 win shares per 48 minutes would be second on the team, just behind Thad's 0.129.

His numbers of late have been cartoonish. After 12.1/12.8 in December, Vucevic followed that up with 14.4/12.9 in January and 17.0/13.0 so far in February. He hasn't had less than 9 rebounds in a game since December 12th, and he has had a double-double in 14 of his last 17 games.