The easiest way to burn through $100 in Las Vegas used to be at the casino, but thanks to the Raiders, you now have another option: You can give it to them.

To coincide with the team’s eventual move to Vegas, the Raiders debuted a splashy new website this week where you can put a deposit down on season tickets for the 2020 season, which is great news for you people out there who like to plan things three years ahead of time.

The $100 deposit will give you the rights to buy a personal seat license (PSL), which will then give you the rights to actually buy a ticket.

The one cool thing about the Raiders’ new Vegas website is that includes a brand new fly-through video of the team’s proposed $1.9 billion stadium in Vegas. Although Manica Architecture released some renderings of the stadium earlier this week, the new video shows what the stadium might look like at night, and just to make sure you get chills from watching it, the Raiders added some classic music from NFL Films.