It's been nine days now since the Ravens won the Super Bowl, but the party sure seems to be continuing for fans in the Baltimore area.

This is similar to a blog I wrote during the playoffs, but it's the same kind of thing. Almost everywhere I go -- and I mean EVERYWHERE -- there's someone wearing something that says "Ravens" or "Super Bowl" or "Super Bowl Champions." Purple is the color of the day and the week.

I went to lunch in Towson one day last week and saw three older ladies sitting in Ravens t-shirts talking football. Then, later on, I was running errands and saw three little kids doing the same thing in another place. There's a college writing class I teach, and the Ravens wound up being the subject of part of one class last week. People around the area just kept talking about things involving John Harbaugh, Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis and even Jacoby Jones.

It's just everywhere.

It's just amazing how much this victory meant to the city. Maybe, like I said in my last blog on this subject, because there's so much negativity in our world and so much that's bad, this became a positive that touched so many people. And wouldn't that be funny? A football brought the kind of happiness that many thought couldn't happen in this town after the Colts left.

My thoughts on this is people still would have been happen if the Ravens went 14-2 and won the Super Bowl. But it's the way everything happened that, in my opinion, touched so many. There was a time when people thought they were blowing the AFC North and wouldn't even make the playoffs.