It was reported shortly after the New Year by reporter Corey Brock that the Padres were unlikely to add another starting pitcher through free agency this off-season. In short, the reasoning is that the Padres already have plenty of options, so unless a major upgrade exists, there is little point in using up resources or a roster spot on one. Looking at the market, both at the start of the off-season and in the present, gives this idea more credence than Padres' fans may be comfortable with.

Few options worth the hassle existed when the winter began, and even fewer remain at this late stage. Kyle Lohse is still out there, and will likely have to settle for a below-market deal either in terms of years or dollars because of it, but regardless of the price tag, he would cost the Padres their first-round pick and the substantial draft budget that comes with it. Under the new collective bargaining agreement, that's a significant issue, as fewer dollars to work with means less money to shift around, cutting into the ability to draft high-ceiling high school players with later picks in the first 10 rounds. With the Padres not receiving any compensation picks for 2013, giving up draft slots isn't something they -- or really, any -- teams can afford to do if they want to build from within.