One main talking point amongst Jazz fans recently has been free throws. In particular, as we make our evaluations of the Jazz' season so far, we're naturally trying to figure out which players are most efficient offensively, and free throws are an excellent indicator of that: players are simply more likely to hit them than they are to make a 2 point or 3 point basket. Thus, we take another dive into 82games' numbers, compiled using some Excel magic, and see what we can find.

Most of the above numbers are self explanatory, except for FGA, which actually includes those shots on which a player is fouled, unlike in typical box scores, when those are filtered out. A few things I want to point out:

Our point guards are abysmal at drawing fouls. They are terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad at this. In fact, I want you to think of a point guard right now. Any point guard in the NBA. Okay. Got it? Now, evaluate him using this simple flowchart: