There have been a lot of discussions lately about whether or not this is the year that the Seahawks trade up in the Draft, a change of pace from their normal M.O. of trading back and accumulating picks. This isn't a rebuilding team anymore, many of the positional groups have quality starters and acceptable depth, and Seattle goes into Day 1 with 10 picks, three more than what they started with last year. Those 10 picks probably won't all make the team, and that's the kind of atmosphere that Pete Carroll absolutely wants. A competitive cauldron.

I'm not here to argue against trading up, -- I wouldn't put it past John Schneider and Pete Carroll to do so and if you assume that JS somewhat follows the Green Bay model of roster building, it doesn't go against what the Packers have actually done a few select times in the past too. So, the idea of trading up is not out of the question from a philosophical point of view, by any means. I wouldn't even be against it -- the thought of getting a game-changing defensive tackle or an elite prospect at some other position is enticing, certainly.