Tonight, the New Jersey Devils will take on the Carolina Hurricanes in their twenty-fifth game. That will be the first game of the second half of this shortened 48-game 2013 season. Therefore, I want to capture the team's stats and other figures from the first half before new games begin. If nothing else, it can serve a reference of how the team performed in the first half of the season. Therefore, this is more of a dump of numbers than commentary about what is and is not good or who and who is not doing well.

Professional sports are a results-oriented business so let's start with the team record at The Devils have a record of 11-8-5 with 10 regulation/overtime wins and 27 points. The Devils are 7-3-2 at home and 4-5-3 on the road. They are 1-3 in shootouts. They are currently second in the Atlantic Division, seventh in the Eastern Conference, and tenth overall in points after the games on March 8. Their best run of games was a five-game winning streak that began with a 3-0 shutout win over the Isles on February 3 through a 3-1 win against the Penguins on February 10. All five wins were by two or more goals (but no more than three). Their worst run of games was a six-game winless streak that just recently ended. The Devils went 0-5-1 from a 5-1 loss to the Capitals on February 24 through a 4-2 loss to Tampa Bay on March 6.