So how did it come to pass that Michigan sophomore Glenn Robinson III is now doing some social media mingling with one of the NBA’s biggest superstars?

Let’s start in Washington D.C.

Robinson was at the Kevin Durant Skills Camp on the last weekend of June, making the trip to D.C. to battle some of the top college wings in the country. He was joined by the likes of Duke’s Jabari Parker, Tennessee’s Jordan McRae, Wichita State’s Cleanthony Early and Kentucky’s Alex Poythress, among a slew of others.

Now Robinson is no stranger to NBA stars. His father was a two-time all-star in an 11-year career in the league. Seeing NBAers is old hat, but Kevin Durant is no ordinary star. He stands shoulder to shoulder with Kobe Bryant and LeBron James as the game’s active icons.

So Robinson tried to play it cool when Durant approached him in D.C.

“I didn’t even know he knew me, so surprisingly he knew who I was and said he was watching my games,” Robinson recounted last week.

That’s not all. Durant lobbed praise, too. He complimented Robinson’s defense after the two squared off on the court.

“We were matching up against each other and I got a lot of stops and I gained his respect,” Robinson said.

Last week, Robinson messaged Durant on Twitter, writing, “Whats up bro, just wanted to say goodluck on the season. I respect what you did at your camp this season..Meet you at the top soon.”

“No doubt,” Durant replied. “Good luck to u too I’ll see u soon.”