Nothing against Mike James, but Mike James represents failure.

When Mike James is your backup point guard, something has gone wrong, which it has for the Mavericks. When Dominique Jones and Rodrigue Beaubois (the Mavs previous two first round draft picks) sit on the bench and watch Mike James brick 22-footers and turn the ball over, there's been a failure.

It also should say something about a team's scouting department when two second round picks appear more ready to play then the team's first round pick. By some miracle, Bernard James has turned into more than just a nice PR story. He looks like an honest to God NBA big man.

James might never be a full-time starter but he's obviously shown in the last two weeks that he's more than capable of being in a team's big man rotation. I'm not as high on Jae Crowder as most are (his shot selection is awful and his defense is more "energy" than technique or skill) but he's still proven loads more valuable than Jared Cunningham.