I'm just going to let this little nugget sit here, from SheridanHoops.com:

"This was the Mavericks' eighth loss this season when leading in final 90 seconds of regulation or overtime, the most in NBA."

Let that sink in, I'll wait.

OK, ready? The Mavericks, for lack of a better word, are losers.

"Wait a minute! No you don't! They're showing signs," you will yell. Heck, I've been yelling that too all season. But at some point, you stop wanting to look for positives in crushing defeats, glimmers of hope in piles of garbage.

The Mavericks can't win close games. They have one overtime win in about 345,643 tries (OK, maybe it's like, nine.) They lead the NBA in losses when leading with 90 seconds left. They have putrid rebounding numbers and their second-best scorer can only shoot well he throws the ball away five or six times a game.

The Mavericks aren't good. Their record (19-26) is probably a little low without a healthy Dirk Nowitzki. But that still doesn't change the fact that the Mavericks can't beat good teams anymore.

Even in this recent run (winning six of nine), the three losses? Spurs, Thunder, Trail Blazers. All teams the Mavericks are snuffing tailpipe exhaust from. Sure, there was a glorious double-digit victory over Memphis in there, but Dallas caught Memphis during their toughest stretch of the season and on the second night of a back to back.

Dallas allowed the Blazers to score 64 points in the second half of last night's so