Remember when Jake Delhomme quarterbacked the Carolina Panthers, and fans learned to live with "Good Jake'' vs. "Bad Jake?''

What we saw Wednesday in Auburn Hills, Mich., was vintage "Good Jack'' - how dominant and resourceful Stephen Jackson can be as the Charlotte Bobcats' primary scorer. Coach Paul Silas hopes the way Jackson played Wednesday can help minimize future "Bad Jack'' episodes.

Jackson had a season-high 39 points, generated off 26 shots from the field. When the Pistons played up on him, he dribbled his way to 10 free-throw attempts. When they played off him, he made 3 of 7 3-pointers.

What's the difference between that Jackson and the guy who shot 25 percent for a week or committed nine turnovers in a game?

"He didn't hold the ball at all,'' Silas said.