His tender groin permitting, Canadiens goaltender Carey Price will be wearing a new mask when he skates into the abbreviated 2013 season Saturday night against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The mask was to arrive at Price's home Friday by courier from a workbench down Highway 401, delivered at roughly the same time the goalie was receiving treatment in his team's clinic.

Price's new lid is not a rainbow of colour or a hard-shell canvas of outrageous artwork. It doesn't feature country singers or rodeo horses or even a motorcycle-riding angel of death.

If the stylishly crowned netminder has ever worn a "classic" look, this is it.

There is absolutely nothing fancy here — just a predominantly white helmet with a large Canadiens logo on the right side, its mirror image on the left, Price's No. 31 in the middle of a C on the chin, and red, white and blue half-logos on the top.

Toronto's Steve Nash, who in his Eyecandyair studio specializes in the phantasmagorical airbrush creation of goalie masks — in fact, a helmet onto which a protective cage is bolted — took the job of cooking up something for Price on very short notice.

Indeed, there's another mask currently being prepared in Sweden by legendary Dave Gunnarsson of Daveart Designs. But the uncertainty of the lockout's end made it impossible to have that one finished and shipped to Montreal in time for the season.