The calendar has turned to March, so let the madness begin.

The madness is certain to occur this week at the Peter W. Stott Center as the Portland State Vikings will battle for their post-season lives against Weber State and Idaho State.

The Vikings, at 9-9 in the Big Sky Conference, are in a three-way tie for seventh place and in the middle of an eight-team log-jam in the 11-team league. Those eight teams are divided by a mere two games as they jockey for positioning in the Big Sky Tournament, or even to get into the post-season.

The possibilities are still infinite, but this much we know. At 9-9, the Vikings need to win one and possibly both games this week to make it to the tournament. Seven of the 11 teams in the Big Sky will earn a trip to the post-season, but with only a week to go in the regular season, only two things are set in stone: Weber State (13-5) has earned a share of the Big Sky Conference title and will host the tournament, Mar. 13-15; and Southern Utah (0-18) has been eliminated from contention.

The tie-breaker scenarios - which are sure to play a big role in sorting things out when play is completed on Saturday night - begin with head-to-head competition. However, it is sure to go much deeper than that when all is said and done (see BIG SKY TIEBREAKER FORMAT below).

Of course, Portland State (14-13, 9-9) can simplify the situation by going out and getting a pair of victories. An 11-9 record would seem to be a sure thing for a post-season berth. The Vikings come off a four-game road trip that set them up for an exciting final week. PSU won three of the four games, including a key 77-68 decision on Saturday at Northern Colorado.

The Vikings will host first-place Weber State (16-10, 13-5) on Thursday night at the Stott Center. 10th-place Idaho State (11-16, 8-10) comes in on Saturday battling for a post-season spot as well. Both games will tip off at 7:05 p.m. Live video, audio and stats are available at by clicking on the Game Day box. Performer Myron Nudelman will provide halftime entertainment both nights.

PSU is 10-5 at home this season. The Vikings lost at Weber State (Jan. 4, 79-62) and Idaho State (Jan. 2, 87-76) earlier this season. Weber State has a 4-8 road record. Idaho State is 2-12 in road games.

Want to try to figure out all the possibilities? Here is the Big Sky Conference tiebreaker format.

1. Head-to-Head Competition
a. Consider the head-to-head record during the Conference season. In double round robin play a team would have to sweep the opponent to break a tie with this method.

b. In the case of more than two tied teams, consider the Conference regular season record for head-to-head competition among all of the tied teams. This process is used to break ties between any of the tied teams with any remaining tied teams returning to the process at criteria 1.a. (above). (Example: Teams A, B, C, and D have identical record from a double round robin season. In head-to-head competition Team A emerges with 4-2 record against the other tied teams, team B and Team C have a 3-3 record and team D has a 2-4 record. Teams A and D can be placed in the final standings at that point while teams B and C return to criteria 1.a. If B and C have split their regular Conference season games, they will move to criteria 2. Performance against other teams in descending order.)

c. In the case of three or more teams having identical win-loss records, the normal tie-breaking procedure would be used. When one or more of these teams is eliminated by using the tie-breaking procedure, the remaining teams involved would then return to the criteria listed in a., above, to break the tie. This will be done until a team is established for that particular seeding position.

2. Performance against Conference teams in descending order of finish, beginning with the No.1 team. (Example: Teams B and C remained tied after head-to-head criteria from above. Team A has been declared the Conference Champion based on the above criteria. Team B has split the Conference season games with team A and team C has lost both of the Conference games to team A. Team B is now placed in second place ahead of team C.)

3. RPI rankings

4. Coin flip between the tied teams

The top seven teams in the Big Sky Conference regular season standings will earn berths into the conference tournament, Mar. 13-15, at Weber State University. The host will have an opening round bye, while quarterfinal games will match 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6 and 4 vs. 5.