There are two kinds of Sam Fuld fans: those who believe the Legend is true, and those who are a bit more in touch with reality. Notwithstanding everything I'm about to write, I'm still a believer.

The Legend begins with Sam Fuld sneaking his way onto the 25-man roster. Fuld was the Punto of the Matt Garza trade that brought Chris Archer, Robinson Chirinos, and Hak Ju Lee to the Rays organization, and had a reputation for reckless abandon in the outfield. When I asked a die hard Cubs fan who Sam Fuld was on the day of the trade, he replied, "Oh, you mean the guy who runs into brick walls?"

Fuld got his chance to shine when Longoria hit the disabled list at the beginning of the 2011 season, and a platoon opportunity came available in the outfield as Ben Zobrist shifted back to second base. He did not disappoint.